Question Paper - Physics 2012 - 2013-H.S.C-12th Board Exam Maharashtra State Board (MSBSHSE)



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Year2012 - 2013 (March)

Marks: 70
Q: 1 | Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each sub-question[7]
Q: 1.1[1]

The moment of inertia of a thin uniform rod of mass M and length L, about an axis passing through a point, midway between the centre and one end, perpendicular to its length is .....





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Q: 1.2[1]

'n' droplets of equal size of radius r coalesce to form a bigger drop of radius R. The energy liberated is equal to...................

(T =Surface tension of water)

`(a) 4piR^2T[n^(1/3)-1]`

`(b) 4pir^2T[n^(1/3)-1]`

`(c) 4piR^2T[n^(2/3)-1]`

`(d)4 pir^2T[n^(2/3)-1]`

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Q: 1.3[1]

The buckling of a beam is found to be more if ___ .

(a) the breadth of the beam is large.

(b) the beam material has large value of Young's -modulus.

(c) the length of the beam is small.

(d) the depth of the beam is small.ยท

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Q: 1.4[1]

When a transverse wave on a string is reflected from the free end, the phase change produced is ..............

(a) zero rad

(b) ` pi/2 ` rad

(c) `(3pi)/4` rad

(d) `pi`  rad

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Q: 1.5[1]

The number of degrees of freedom for a rigid diatomic molecule is.................

(a) 3

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 7

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Q: 1.6[1]

Two particles perform linear simple. harmonic motion along the same path of length 2A and period T as shown in the graph below. The phase difference between them is..............

(a) `zero" "rad`

(b) `pi/4 rad`

(c)`pi/2 rad`

(d) `(3pi)/4 rad`

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Q: 1.7[1]

The light from the Sun is found to have a maximum intensity near the wavelength of 470 nm. Assuming the surface of the Sun as a black body, the temperature of the Sun is .................

[Wien's constant b = 2 .898 x l0- 3mK]

(a) 5800 K

(b) 6050 K

(c) 6166 K

(d) 6500 K

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Q: 2 | Attempt any SIX :[12]
Q: 2.1[2]

State Kepler's law of orbit and law of equal areas.

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Q: 2.2[2]

A car of mass 1500Kg rounds a curve of radius 250m at 90 Km/hour. Calculate the centripetal force acting on it.

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Q: 2.3[2]

Draw a neat labelled diagram for Ferry's perfectly black body.

With a neat and labelled diagram, explain Ferry’s perfectly black body.

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Q: 2.4[2]

A mass M attached to a spring oscillates with a period of 2 seconds. If the mass is increased by 2 Kg, the period increases by 1 second. Find the initial mass, assuming
that Hooke's law is obeyed-

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Q: 2.5[2]

Differentiate between free and forced vibrations .

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Q: 2.6[2]

The surface tension of water at 0ºc is 75·5 dyne/em. Find surface tension of water at 25°C. [α for water = 0·0021/°C]

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Q: 2.7[2]

Derive the relation between surface tension and surface energy per unit area.

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Q: 2.8[2]

A wheel of moment of inertia 1 Kgm 2 is rotating at a speed of 40 rad/s. Due to friction on the axis, the wheel comes to rest in 10 minutes. Calculate the angular momentum of the wheel, two minutes before it comes to rest.

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Q: 3 | Attempt any THREE :[9]
Q: 3.1[3]

A particle of mass m, just completes the vertical circular motion. Derive the expression for the difference in tensions at the highest and the lowest points.

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Q: 3.2[3]

The Earth is rotating with angular velocity ro about its own axis. R is the radius of the Earth. If Rω2 = 0 · 03386 m/ s2 , calculate the weight of a body of mass 100 gram at attitude 25°.


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Q: 3.3[3]

Derive an expression for kinetic energy, when a rigid body is rolling on a horizontal surface without slipping.Hence tind kinetic energy for a solid sphere.

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Q: 3.4[3]

A steel wire-of diameter 1 x 10-3m is stretched by a force of 20 N. Calculate the strain energy per unit volume.(Y steel= 2 x 1011 N /m2)

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Q: 4 | Attempt any one of the following :[7]
Q: 4.1[7]

Define an ideal simple pendulum. Show that, under certain · conditions, simple pendulum performs linear simple harmonic motion.

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A train blows a whistle of frequency 640 Hz in air. Find the difference in apparent frequencies of the whistle for a stationary observer, when the train moves towards and away from the observer with the speed of 72 Km!hour. [Speed of sound in air == 340 m/s.]

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Q: 4.2[7]

With a neat labelled diagram, show that all harmonics are present in an air column contained in a pipe open at both the ends. Define end correction.

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Calculate the kinetic energy of 10 gram of Argon molecules at 127°C.
[Universal gas constant R = 8320 J/k mole K. Atomic weight of Argon =401]

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Q: 5 | Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each sub-question :[7]
Q: 5.1[1]

In the diffraction pattern due to a single slit of width 'd' with incident light of wavelength 'λ', at an angle of  diffraction θ. the condition for first minimum is ....

(a)`lambda sin theta =d`

(b) `d costheta =lambda`

(c)`d sintheta=lambda`

(d) `lambda cos theta=d`

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Q: 5.2[1]

Kirchhoff's junction law is equivalent to .............................
(a) conservation of energy.
(b) conservation of charge
(c) conservation of electric potential
(d) conservation of electric flux

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Q: 5.3[1]

Let 'p'  and 'E' denote the linear momentum and energy of emitted photon respectively. If the wavelength of incident radiation is increased ___ .
(a) both p and E increase
(b) p increases and E decreases
(c) p decreases and E increases
(d) both p and E decrease.

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Q: 5.4[1]

The nuclei having same number of protons but different number of neutrons are called ___ .
(a) isobars

(b) a-particles

(c) isotopes

(d) y-particles

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Q: 5.5[1]

In case of transistor oscillator, to obtain sustained oscillations, the product of voltage gain without feedback and feedback factor should be ....

(a) zero

(b) less than 1

(c) one  

(d) infinity

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Q: 5.6[1]

The process of regaining of information from carrier wave at the receiver is called .................

(a) modulation

(b) transmission

(c) propagation

(d) demodulation

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Q: 5.7[1]

Reactance of a coil is 157 Ω. On connecting the coil across a source of frequency 100 Hz, the current lags behind e.m.f. by 45°. The inductance of the coil is ...........

(a) 0·25 H

(b) 0·5 H

(c) 4 H

(d) 314H

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Q: 6 | Attempt any SIX :[12]
Q: 6.1[2]

Draw a neat labelled diagram of a parallel plate capacitor completely filled with dielectric.

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Q: 6.2[2]

A point is situated at 7cm and 7·2 cm from two coherent sources. Find the· nature of illumination at the point if wavelength of light is 4000A.

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Q: 6.3[2]

Obtain the expression for current sensitivity of moving coil galvanometer.

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Q: 6.4[2]

In a cyclotron, magnetic field of 3·5Wb/m2 is used to accelerate protons. What should be the time interval in which the electric field between the Dees be reversed?
(Mass of proton = 1· 67 x 10-27Kg, Charge on proton =1·6x10-19c).

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Q: 6.5[2]

Define magnetization. State its formula and S.I. unit.

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Q: 6.6[2]

Electrostatic energy of 3·5 x 10-4 J is stored in a capacitor at 700 V. What is the charge on the capacitor?

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Q: 6.7[2]

What is space wave propagation? State its three components.

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Q: 6.8[2]

Find the value of energy of electron in eV in the third Bohr orbit of hydrogen atom.

(Rydberg's constant (R) = 1· 097 x 107m - 1,
Planck's constant (h) =6·63x10-34 J-s,
Velocity of light in air (c) = 3 x 108m/ s.)

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Q: 7 | Attempt any THREE :[9]
Q: 7.1[3]

With the help of neat labelled circuit diagram explain the working of half wave rectifier using semiconductor diode. Draw the input and output waveforms.

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Q: 7.2[3]

A cell balances against a length of 200 cm on a potentiometer wire, when it is shunted by a resistance of 8Ω. The balancing length reduces by 40 cm, when it is shunted by a resistance of 4 Ω . Calculate the balancing length when the cell is in open circuit. Also calculate the internal resistance of the cell.

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Q: 7.3[3]

State the law of radioactive decay. Hence derive the expression N = Noe-λt where symbols have their usual meanings.

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Q: 7.4[3]

The photoelectric work function for a metal is 4.2 eV. If  the stopping potential is 3V, find the threshold wavelength and maximum kinetic energy of emitted electrons. 

(Velocity of light in air = 3 x 108m/s,
Planck's constant = 6·63 x10-34 J -s,
Charg.e ori electron = 1·6 x 10 -19 C)

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Q: 8 | Attempt any one :[7]
Q: 8.1[7]

State Faradays laws of electromagnetic induction.

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State Lenz's Law.

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A circular coil of 250 turns and diameter 18 cm carries a current of 12A. What is the magnitude of magnetic moment associated with the coil?

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Q: 8.2[7]

On the basis of Huygens' wave theory of light prove that velocity of light in a rarer medium is greater than velocity of light in a denser medium.

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In Young' s experiment the ratio of intensity at the maxima and minima . in the interference pattern is 36 : 16. What is the ratio of the widths of the two slits?

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