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National Urdu High School, Tech. High School, Junior Collage and Vocational Junior Collage


Owner: Educational Uplift Society

Ancient historical city of Kalyan was called Glshan-abad in past. Later it came to be called kalian. Muslims have played a vital role in shaping history of Kalyan.

Before independence, Kalyan had no access to education for muslims except Arabic madarsas and primary schools. Aspirants had to travel long distance towards Mumbai and Bhiwandi, which was possible only for a rich few. A majority of poor muslims were deprived of this opportunity. In those times, parents from all the stratas of society utterly negligent about education. As a result a whole vacuum of illiterate, uneducated, incivilized citizens who couldn’t handle their own legacy and wealth was created, which poised a great problem to our nation and was also really dangerous for the future of muslims community in Kalyan.

After decades of such ignorant attitude, a few enlightened people realized that ignorance and illiteracy are the root causes of pathetic conditions of muslims in Kalyan. Hence to ward off this evil, these enlightened people established “Anjuman Taraqqi-E-Talim” in 1946. This organization aimed to pursue the process of education and to help students acquire secondary education. The founders of this Anjuman included late Mr. Mohd. Hasan Tanki, Mr. Abdul-sattar Dhuru, Mr. Mohammed Don, Mr. Mohd. Baqar Naaz, Mr. Haji Miyan Korde, Mr. Sharfuddin Fakih, Mohd. Hasan Dolare, Mr. Mohd. Hasan Fakih, Mr. Rafiuddin Tanki and prof. Nizamuddin Gorekar. May Allah bless them all.

The Society provided transport facility for secondary students. Unfortunately after 6 to 7 years the bus service got terminated. The society members then met late Mr. Abid Rohe and late Mr. Haji Najmuddin Kazi, Sought people’s advice and support. Finally keeping in mind the need of the hour, on 15th Nov. 1955, the Educational Uplift Society was formulated and in June 1956 NATIONAL URDU HIGH SCHOOL laid its foundation in Kalyan city.

In the beginning, due to financial problems the school was started in freedom fighter Mr. Abdul-Rehman Kungle’s house on rental basis @ Rs. 700/- per month. At that time, the school was inaugurated by Mr. Yusuf Badruddin (President Anjuman-E-Islam). Std. V to VIII had 60 students and late Mr. Sharfuddin Sarguruh was the first head master of school. There were three more teachers. To meet expenses, the society started to raise funds by daily contribution. The no. of students increased day by day. To accommodate all students, society purchased the house of Haji Abdul Sattar Noor Mohd. Memon for Rs. 14000/- and the school shifted its new location. Alhamdulillah today National Urdu Primary School proudly stands at this place. National Urdu Primary School was inaugurated by the minister of food for states (Maharashtra Govt.) in 1959. Gradually no. of students were increasing so the need for more space. There were suggestions to raise floors of building. But due to their visionary ideas, society members bought a plot at Agra road in Kalyan from late Mr. Ismail Moulvi where the grand building of National Urdu High School stands today. He sold the plot for a meager price as he had a spark of social service. May Allah bless him. Many well to do muslims of Kalyan and Bhiwandi (including local Koknis) lent their financial help for the construction of building (and it is still on).

On 17th Jan 1964, after Friday prayers late Mr. Al-Haj Najmuddin Kazi the foundation stone of the school building. The EX minister of state late Dr. Rafique Zakariya inaugurated the new school building on 21st March 1965.

Present managing committee of school took over from 15th April 1978. At that time National Urdu High School had classes from Std. V to X in Kalyan as well as Ambernath. School had a fund of only Rs. 50,000/- in A/c. Since then, the school has progressed tremendously adding new feathers to its Cap every year. And is still moving ahead with the same sprit. It is the only institution that offers girls education right from K.G. up to Degree College. It tops the list of Urdu schools and colleges in Thane district. The credit of this stupendous success goes to the perseverance and continuous struggle of the member s of Educational Uplift Society.

Institutions managed by Educational Uplift Society

  1. National Urdu Primary School, Kalyan
  2. National Urdu High School for Boys, Kalyan
  3. National Urdu High School for Girls, Kalyan
  4. National Urdu High School, Ambernath
  5. National Urdu Jr. College of Arts, Science & Commerce
  6. National Urdu Jr. College of Education, Kalyan
  7. National Urdu Technical High School (Technical Section) & Junior College
  8. Husna Abdul Malik Maddu Women’s Degree College of Arts, Science & Commerce

Establishment of Jr. College :

Hundreds of students pass out from National Urdu High school Kalyan and Ambernath branches. Getting admission in college becomes a tough task for students scoring less marks. Hence Educational Uplift Society tried and Govt. recongnized Jr. college (Arts Scream) was commenced in 1981. Science scream was introduced in 1990, MCVC in 1991 and Commerce in 200. Jr. college section has especially benefitted girls as they can take higher education to become self independent.

Establishment of D. T. Ed. College :

Being far-sighted, the present management felt the dire need of imparting professional education to the deprived students. So after an endless struggle, the present management secured permission and established Urdu medium D. T. Ed. College in 1984. The college benefits several students from all over Maharashtra. The Educational Uplift Soceity in very thankful to Late Mr. Ahmed Zakaria for his unconditional support in starting the D. Ed. College.

Separate Premises for Girls :

Observing worst impacts of co-education, Educational Uplift Society decided to construct new premises for girls. Hence, on 12th March 1994, the foundation of a new building was laid by Late Mr. Hanif Tanki near Khamosh Baba Dargah – Koliwada. A capital of Rs. 90 lakhs was invested to erect this five storey building which is used for education of girls. The plot for this building was gifted to the society by Bombil Bazar Society, Mr. Abdul Rashid Shujauddin’s co-operation played a significant role in this matter . The building is now used for execution of Degree College.

In 2003, primary school building was demolishing and reconstructed with an expense Rs. 25 lakhs. The management has also constructed a community hall in the present premises of National Urdu High School, Kalyan investing 68 lakhs rupees for the same and yet a lot of work is left undone due to the lack of finance.

A secondary school was established at Ambernath in 1967, catering to an urgent need of school in the area. But it began on rented premises, hence there was no scope for development. Committee member Mohd. Arif Ansari generously gifted a plot of 876 Sq. Mtr. For new building of school in Ambernath. After the completion of the legal process of transfer of plot the construction of new building will pave its way.

Establishment of Degree College :

A large no. of girls discontinued their education after H.S.C. due to the worst environment of colleges today. Increase in the number of dropouts of girls after H.S.C. was a cause of great concern for the management. The existing, detoriating, college environment with a co-education setup today, prevents many parents from sending their daughter to degree collages thus depriving them of higher education inspite of their desire to continue. Taking cognizance of the problem, the Educational Uplift Society strived for the commencement of degree college for women.

Will an aid of generous donation Mr. Malik Maddu, Husna Abdul Malik Maddu Women’s Degree College of Arts, Science & Commerce was established in the year 2000 to cater the needs of educating girls in a safe environment. This college is affiliated to university of Mumbai.

Sky, being the limit for progress and development, the prevailing management now aims to open a B. Ed. College in the near future for students who wish to opt for teaching profession.

Since 1956, our institution has flourished and has come a long way. Today, with the prevailing management as it’s herald it provides various curricular and co-curricular activities and ample opportunities to bring out the innate talents in the students. This minority institution, with its spectacular educational achievement, is one of the biggest and reputed institutions in Thane district accredited with “A +” grade by the Maharashtra Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune.

After facing many setbacks and hinderances in its way, prevailing management of Educational Uplift Society has never given up, to come upto the mark of adopting the present innovative educational systems and technologies that aims only and only to develop the all round personalities of its students and give equal opportunities of education to all. It dreams of many more ambitious educational projects and expects many ideal citizens to come forward to lend financial help in fulfilling its dreams of making India 100% literate.

National Urdu High School, Tech. High School, Junior Collage and Vocational Junior Collage is an other university. It is located at Agra Road, Kalyan (W.) in Thane, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 3 11th - 12th courses.

Courses Offered by National Urdu High School, Tech. High School, Junior Collage and Vocational Junior Collage

11th - 12th [3]
HSC Arts (H.S.C)
Maharashtra State Board
Duration 2 years full time
HSC Commerce (H.S.C)
Maharashtra State Board
Duration 2 years full time
HSC Science (General)  (H.S.C)
Maharashtra State Board
Duration 2 years full time


Agra Road, Kalyan (W.)
Thane, Maharashtra, India