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Marine Engineering and Research Institute

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Established: 1949

Marine  Engineering and  Research  Institute (M.E.R.I.),  formerly   known as Directorate  of  Marine Engineering Training  (D.M.E.T.),  was established  in  the year  1949  by  the  Govt.  of  India,  when  the need  was  felt to  train  Marine  Engineers  separately. 

The  main Aim  and  commitment   of  D.M.E.T. was to  prepare  young cadets  into  fine marine  engineers  by  imparting  paramilitary  type training  with  a good  mix  of academics  and  practical hands-on  training  in  marine  workshops.   

Same  dedication and  commitment   is continuing  over  the  past  60  years  and  it’s  the  M.E.R.I.’s  heritage  and  trust  of  shipping Industry  which has  taken  many cadets  to  various  levels  of  competence  on  board  ships  as  well  as   ashore.  The many  assignments  taken by  ex-cadets  of M.E.R.I.  also  includes  a  well  deserved  posting  at  United  Nations (U.N.),  IMF,  World  Maritime  University  to  name  a  few  prize  postings.

As the  shipping was  expanding  and  need  of  having  large  numbers of  qualified officers  was  felt,  gates  were  open  to  graduate engineers.  M.E.R.I.  rose  to  the  occasion and   started  a  one  year  training  programme  to  adopt  Graduates  in  Mechanical  Engineering / Naval  Architecture  to  become   Maine  Engineers.  Since  1975  M.E.R.I. has  successfully  trained  2227  G.M.E.  cadets  and they  are  doing  very  well  in  shipping  and  related  shore  industries.   

Again when the need was felt to have officers trained both in Nautical & Engineering streams, the polyvalent officers course was conceived and it was M.E.R.I. Mumbai in year 2002 that was given the task of designing and starting the course. MERI rose to the challenge of putting syllabus and curriculum and affiliation to University of Mumbai in place and the course was commenced in August, 2003 with 15 cadets. The cadets are selected through IIT-JEE earlier & now through IMU-CET and till date MERI has successfully trained more than 200 cadets and the reports received from the Shipping Companies have been very encouraging.

Again 4 year B.Tech (Marine Engineering) degree programme has been commenced from the academic year 2013-14.

It  has always been  M.E.R.I.’s  privilege  to  set  the  standards  and  a  bench  mark  for  others  to  copy  and  achieve. It’s the trust  of  shipping  industry,  which  makes  M.E.R.I.  stand  tall  amongst  all  maritime  training  Institutes. As a legacy institute of IMU, MERI of IMU Mumbai campus is moving forward with pride and renewed energy as its infrastructure is being reinforced with equipment and simulators of latest technology.  

Marine Engineering and Research Institute is an other university, established in 1949. It is located at Hay Bunder, Tank Road in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 2 Bachelor of Science in Maritime Science courses, 1 Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering course.

Courses Offered by Marine Engineering and Research Institute

Bachelor/Graduate [2]
Bachelor of Science in Maritime Science (B.Sc.)
Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Duration 3 years full time
Intake : 46
Bachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering (B.Tech.)
Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Duration 4 years full time
Intake : 40
Post Graduate Diploma [1]
Post Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering
Marine Engineering and Research Institute
Duration 1 years full time
Intake : 120


Hay Bunder, Tank Road
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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