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Late Shri Ramraoji Gawande Institute of Pharmacy


There is a need for developing skilled professional who can contribute to the success of an enterprise, both at individual & industrial levels. These professional needs to develop capabilities for generating knowledge in areas of concern through discussion & exchange of theories, models, research, experience & practices; thereby developing strategies & practices that trigger catalyze & enhance the pertinence & effectiveness of their enterprise.

When knowledge transfer into action, removing the dark howling heads of ignorance, success is inevitable. Shriram Shikshan Sanshta provides spectrum of light i.e. Leadership, dynamism, flexibility, team spirit, visionary action, focus, values where MEN of today with age become engineer, pharmacist etc.

I believe that the institute will continue to produce engineers who will make significant contribution to the field of technology & will serve as good global citizens as well.

Late Shri Ramraoji Gawande Institute of Pharmacy is an other university. It is located at Taluka: Malshiras District:- Solapur in Solapur, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 Post 12th Diploma course.

Courses Offered by Late Shri Ramraoji Gawande Institute of Pharmacy

Post 12th Diploma [1]
Diploma in Pharmacy
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Duration 2 years full time


Taluka: Malshiras District:- Solapur
Solapur, Maharashtra, India