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Kala Vidya Sankul Polytechnic


Designing is a form of creation. Human beings in their attampt of survival have discovered, invented and CREATED many things. The result of which is that we are leading more and more comfortable and convenient life as the years pass by.

We humans wish to have comfort and elegance in all aspects of our lives be it our house, the apparels or the accessories. Further more we want to cherish our memories and so we get them collectively complied in our albums.

These aspects of our lives, which apart from being our necessities of them are also our luxury items. One always feels the need to excel oneself in at least one of these aspects.

Keeping this in mind we at 'Kala Vidya Sankul' impart and promote education in Art and Design i.e, Interior Design, Photography, Jewellery Design, Fashion Design, Art and Craft and other allied courses.

All these courses are recognized by the Government of Maharashtra and the Institute is registered under the Societies Registration Act and Mumbai Public Trust Act (1951). The three year part-time Government Diploma course for Interior Designing & Decoration covered by us is approved by the Maharashtra State BOard of Technical Education (M.S.B.T.E.). Our institute, 'Kala Vidya Sankul' has been running this course since the year 1989.

Creation is inherent in all humans and we as an Institute help our students to enhance this quality with some technical inputs, refined knowledge and proper guidance. We train them and make them learn the ways and methods, explore their creative talents and enhance their potentialities in the best possible way. The curriculum is well-drafted and our teaching staff is ac ademically comptent and proficient.

We realize that there are many young students around who have rosy dreams about their bright future. Formal or Conventional Universities cannot accommodate all of them. Besides, higher education is getting so costly every year that the University education is going beyond the reach of common man. OUr institute aims to reach for this common man.

We have given our best for the development of the institute and to facilitate our students with adequate knowledge and guidance. There are many of our students who have topped the Board exams and are doing well in their respective fields. Some of our students are our senior faculty members, and we are proud of them.

Our sole aim being to make our students well equipped in all possible ways and train them to be more than proficient in this field. We have been and will continue to take necessary steps to achieve this aim of ours.

Through the efforts of the present Director.We have also got the approval from the Board of Vocational Education, Directorate of Art, Govt. of Maharashtra to run One Year Certificate Courses in Interior, Fashion, Jewelley, Photography, Beauty Culture, Craft Teacher, AutoCAD, Art Teachers' Diploma and Foundation art.

Kala Vidya Sankul Polytechnic is an other university. It is located at 262, 2ND FLOOR,OPP.CENTRAL PLAZA,R.R.M.ROY ROAD. CHARNI ROAD (E),GIRGAUM.MUMBAI in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It offers the following educational courses, 1 Post 10th Diploma course.

Courses Offered by Kala Vidya Sankul Polytechnic

Post 10th Diploma [1]
Diploma in Interior Designing and Decoration
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education
Duration 2 years full time
Intake : 60


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India