Semester 1 University of Pune M.Sc Geography

Board: University of Pune
Semester 1

The complete list of University of Pune Semester 1 English Medium subjects is available here. The subjects on the list are arranged as required and optional subjects. Moreover, links to the Semester 1 English Medium University of Pune Solutions, Textbook Solutions, Mock Exam, MCQ, and Soft Copy of various textbooks are available.

The list and links below can guide Semester 1 University of Pune students looking for the required study materials.

Principles of Climatology

Principles of Economic Geography

Principles of Geomorphology

Principles of Population and Settlement Geography

University of Pune Semester 1 M.Sc Geography has the above-listed subjects. you can select any subject to view Solved Question papers, Textbook Solutions, Important Solutions, Syllabus and Explanations in each subject.

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