Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) 1st Year (FYBcom) University of Pune

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Business Economics (Micro)

Compulsory English

Financial Accounting

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Other Subjects and Resources

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Other subjects
Arabic (F.Y.B.Com)
Banking and Finance (F.Y.B.Com)
Business Environment and Entrepreneurship (F.Y.B.Com)
Business Mathematics and Statistics (F.Y.B.Com)
Commercial Geography (F.Y.B.Com)
Compulsory English (F.Y.B.Com)
Computer Concepts and Applications (F.Y.B.Com)
Consumer Protection and Business Ethics (F.Y.B.Com)
Co-operation (F.Y.B.Com)
Defence Budgeting Finance and Management Paper 1- Defence Organization and Management in India (F.Y.B.Com)
Essentials of E-commerce (F.Y.B.Com)
Foundation Course in Commerce (F.Y.B.Com)
French (F.Y.B.Com)
German (F.Y.B.Com)
Gujarathi (F.Y.B.Com)
Hindi (F.Y.B.Com)
Insurance and Transport (F.Y.B.Com)
Managerial Economics (F.Y.B.Com)
Marathi (F.Y.B.Com)
Marketing and Salesmanship (F.Y.B.Com)
Organizational Skill Development (F.Y.B.Com)
Persian (F.Y.B.Com)
Sanskrit (F.Y.B.Com)
Sindhi (F.Y.B.Com)
Urdu (F.Y.B.Com)
University of Pune 1st Year (FYBcom) Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) has the above-listed subjects. you can select any subject to view Solved Question papers, Textbook Solutions, Important Solutions, Syllabus and Explanations in each subject.

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