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ISC (Arts) Class 12 CISCE

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Hindi (Indian Languages)

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Other Subjects and Resources

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Other subjects
Accounts (12th)
Arabic (Classical Language) (12th)
Art Paper 1 - Drawing Or Painting from Still Life (12th)
Art Paper 2 - Drawing Or Painting from Nature (12th)
Art Paper 3 - Drawing Or Painting of a Living Person (12th)
Art Paper 4 - Original Imaginative Composition in Colour (12th)
Art Paper 5 - Crafts ‘A’ (12th)
Bengali (Indian Languages) (12th)
Biology (Practical) (12th)
Biology (Theory) (12th)
Biotechnology (Practical) (12th)
Biotechnology (Theory) (12th)
Business Studies (12th)
Chemistry (Practical) (12th)
Chemistry (Theory) (12th)
Chinese (Modern Foreign Language) (12th)
Commerce (12th)
Computer Science (Practical) (12th)
Computer Science (Theory) (12th)
Elective English (12th)
Electricity and Electronics (12th)
English (Literature in English) (12th)
Environmental Science (Theory) (12th)
Fashion Designing (Practical) (12th)
Fashion Designing (Theory) (12th)
French (Modern Foreign Language) (12th)
Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing (12th)
Gujarati (Indian Languages) (12th)
Home Science (Theory) (12th)
Hospitality Management (12th)
Indian Music - Carnatic (Practical) (12th)
Indian Music - Carnatic (Theory) (12th)
Indian Music - Hindustani (Practical) (12th)
Indian Music - Hindustani (Theory) (12th)
Kannada (Indian Languages) (12th)
Legal Studies
Lepcha (Indian Languages) (12th)
Malayalam (Indian Languages) (12th)
Mass Media and Communication (12th)
Mizo (Indian Languages) (12th)
Modern Armenian (12th)
Nepali (Indian Languages) (12th)
Odia (Indian Languages) (12th)
Physical Education (Theory) (12th)
Physics (Practical) (12th)
Physics (Theory) (12th)
Punjabi (Indian Languages) (12th)
Sanskrit (Classical Language) (12th)
Tamil (Indian Languages) (12th)
Telugu (Indian Languages) (12th)
Tibetan (Modern Foreign Language) (12th)
Urdu (Indian Languages) (12th)
Western Music (Practical) (12th)
Western Music (Theory) (12th)
CISCE Class 12 ISC (Arts) has the above-listed subjects. you can select any subject to view Solved Question papers, Textbook Solutions, Important Solutions, Syllabus and Explanations in each subject.

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