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Master of Science in Computer Science

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CourseMaster of Science in Computer Science  
LevelMaster/Post Graduate
Length2 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Principles of Programming Languages (from 2008)
Advanced Networking (from 2011)
Distributed Database Concepts (from 2008)
Network Programming (from 2013)
Design and Analysis of Algorithms (from 2008)
Other subjects
 Practical 1 (till 2012)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Digital Image Processing (from 2011)
Advanced Operating Systems (from 2011)
Data Mining and Data Warehousing (from 2011)
Project (from 2013)
Programming with DOT NET (from 2013)
Artificial Intelligence (from 2013)
Advance Design and Analysis of Algorithms (from 2013)
Other subjects
 Practical 2 (till 2012)
 Advanced Algorithms (till 2012)
 Functional Programming (till 2012)
 Linux Kernel Programming and Introduction to Device Drivers (till 2012)
 Natural Language Processing (till 2012)
 Program Analysis (till 2012)
 DOT NET (till 2012)
 Information Systems Security (till 2012)
 Software Architecture and Design Patterns (till 2012)
 Software Testing Tools and Methodologies (till 2012)
 Modeling and Simulation (till 2012)
 Embedded System Programming (till 2012)
 Language Processors (till 2012)
 Artificial Intelligence (till 2012)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Software Metrics and Project Management (from 2009)
Mobile Computing (from 2009)
Soft Computing (from 2012)
Project (from 2014)
Web Services (from 2014)
Database and System Administrator (from 2014)
Functional Programming (from 2014)
Business Intelligence (from 2014)
Other subjects
 Practical 3 (till 2013)
 Advanced Algorithms (till 2013)
 Functional Programming (till 2013)
 Linux Kernel Programming and Introduction to Device Drivers (till 2013)
 Natural Language Processing (till 2013)
 Program Analysis (till 2013)
 DOT NET (till 2013)
 Information Systems Security (from 2013 to 0)
 Software Architecture and Design Patterns (till 2013)
 Software Testing Tools and Methodologies (till 2013)
 Modeling and Simulation (till 2013)
 Embedded System Programming (till 2013)
 Language Processors (till 2013)
 Artificial Intelligence (till 2013)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Industrial Training Or Institutional Project (from 2014)
Parallel Computing (from 2014)
Embedded System (from 2014)
Software Quality Assurance (from 2014)
Modeling and Simulation (from 2014)
Other subjects
 Full Time Industrial Training (till 2013)

Eligibility Requirement

Bachelor's Degree in any discipline with minimum 50% marks (Passing Marks for Reserved Category)

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