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Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration [B.Com.]

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CourseBachelor of Commerce in Business Administration  
Length3 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Business Organization and System (from 2013)
Business Communication Skills (from 2013)
Business Accounting (from 2013)
Business Economics (Micro) (from 2013)
Business Mathematics (from 2013)
Business Demography and Environmental Studies (from 2013)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Principles of Management (from 2013)
Principles of Marketing (from 2013)
Principles of Finance (from 2013)
Basics of Cost Accounting (from 2013)
Business Statistics (from 2013)
Business Informatics (from 2013)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Personality Development (from 2014)
Business Ethics (from 2014)
Human Resource Management and Organization Behaviour (from 2014)
Management Accounting (from 2014)
Business Economics (Macro) (from 2014)
I.T. in Management (from 2014)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Production and Operations Management (from 2014)
Industrial Relations and Labour Laws (from 2014)
Business Taxation (from 2014)
International Business (from 2014)
Management Information System (from 2014)
Business Exposure (Field Visits) (from 2014)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Supply Chain and Logistics Management (from 2015)
Entrepreneurship Development (from 2015)
Business Law (from 2015)
Research Methodology (from 2015)
Analysis of Financial Statements (from 2015)
Sales Management (from 2015)
Human Resource Management Principles and Functions (from 2015)
Management of Services (from 2015)
Agricultural and Rural Development (from 2015)
Long Term Finance (from 2015)
Retail Management (from 2015)
Human Resource Practices (from 2015)
Marketing Services (from 2015)
International Agricultural Systems (from 2015)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Business Planning and Project Management (from 2015)
Event Management (from 2015)
Management Control System (from 2015)
E- Commerce (from 2015)
Financial Services (from 2015)
Advertising and Sales Promotion (from 2015)
Labour Laws (from 2015)
Special Services of Marketing in India (from 2015)
Recent Trends in Agri Business (from 2015)
Cases in Finance (Project) (from 2015)
Cases in Marketing (Project) (from 2015)
Cases in Human Resource Management (Project) (from 2015)
Cases in Service Sector Management (Project) (from 2015)
Cases in Agri Business Management (Project) (from 2015)

Eligibility Requirement

Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) or itsequivalent Examination with English as passing subject.

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