Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Indian Navy) (P.G.D.M.)

Admission Information

(Every candidate admitted to the P.G.D.M.(Indian Navy) Course will be required to register as a post graduate student of the University on payment of Rs. 400/ -No student will be allowed to pursue any other course simultaneously with the P.G.D.M. (Indian Navy) Course.

Candidates who are graduates of the University of Mumbai will be required to produce a transfer certificate from constituents college of this University last attended by them.

Candidates who are graduates of other University will be required to produced at least a provisional eligibility certificate issued by the Registrar, University of Mumbai, (Deputy Registrar, Dr.Ambedkar Bhavan, Vidyanagari, Kalina Campus Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098, declaring them eligible for admission to the course. A provisional eligibility certificate is issued by the Registrar, to candidate who is prima facie found eligible for admission to the course on making an application in the prescribed form and on paying the prescribed fee of Rs.150/ - in cash for the students migrating to this University from other Universities except for students from other Universities in the State of Maharashtra who have to pay a fee of Rs.100/- in cash. Diploma will be conferred only after a provisional eligibility certificate is produced by the candidates from university other than Mumbai.)


Eligibility Requirement

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (P.G.D.M.) – Indian Navy must have passed the Bachelor’s degree in any faculty of this University or other recognized University as equivalent thereto.


Must have an Officer’s work experience for a period of five years at the start of the course.

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