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Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling

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Eligibility Requirement

A candidate seeking admission for the Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling must have passed a Bachelor’s degree examination of this University in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), B.A.(Psychology),
B.A.(Education), Bachelor of Social Work(B.S.W.), B.Sc.(Human Development) and B.Sc.(Psychology) or any other University recognized as equivalent thereto and in addition must have
subsequent to his passing the Post Graduate DiplomaExamination :
1) Kept two consecutive terms for PGDC in an academic year from
the institution in which candidate is studying.
2) Completed practicum extending over two terms to the satisfaction of the Head of the Institution in which the candidate is studying consisting of
a)Attendance at Demonstration and discussion of group and individual testing.
b)Observation of counseling session.
c)Internship of at least 60 hours, duration spread over two Consecutive terms in an academic year, and certified by the Head of the institution.
d)Participation in social service/community work of not less than 10 hours in an academic year
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