Master of Library and Information Science [M.L.l.Sc.]


Eligibility Requirement

Any person who has passed Bachelor’s degree of this University in any faculty in second class and the degree of Bachelor of Library
and Information Science of this University in good second class (i.e. minimum 50% or above and 45% or above for Reserved Category candidates) has obtained qualification recognized
equivalent thereto by this University, shall be eligible for admission to the course for the degree of Master of Library and Information Science, after having fulfilled the requirements laid
down in the other Ordinances and Regulations relating to the course. The admission will be on the merit basis. This will be effective fromthe academic Year 2010-2011.
A graduate of a University other than Mumbai University seeking admission to the course shall apply to the Registrar of this University for a Certificate of Eligibility. The Registrar may issue a
Provisional Certificate of eligibility if he is satisfied that the applicant is Prima-facie eligible for admission to this University. Such Provisional Certificate shall enable the candidate to get
admission to the course at his own risk, on the condition that he/she obtains a final certificate of eligibility before the close of the academic term in which he/she is provisionally admitted to the
University. Application forms of candidates from other University will not be accepted, if they are not accompanied by Provisional Certificate of Eligibility.Similarly a Transfer Certificate will have to be produce by the
candidate wherever necessary If the Candidate fails to obtain the final Certificate of Eligibility and Migration (and/or Transfer Certificate as case may be ) before the close of academic term in which he/she is provisionally
admitted to the University, his /her admission to the course and his/her attendance at lectures during the term are liable to be cancelled.
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