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Master of Communication and Journalism (MCJ) [M.C.J.]

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Admission Information

Student seeking admission to the Department of Communication and Journalism have to write an essay in English, Marathi or Hindi of not less than 500 words and not more than 800 words (typed in double spacing on a single sheet of paper and signed by the students) on their purpose for seeking admission to the course. This essay has to be submitted along with the application form. The essay has to be in the form of an argument justifying the purpose of taking the course. The Student must produced testimonials from at least two teachers who have personally taught the student in school/College stating why the teachers feel that the student should do the course and how the course will benefit the student. The testimonials may not exceed 150 words each. The testimonial must mention the period that the teacher has been associated with the student, in which institution and how long has the teacher been with the said institution. The testimonials must accompany the admission form. The testimonials may be written in English, Hindi or Marathi.The Department of Communication and Journalism shall conduct a test comprising of a written examination of 100 marks, a group discussion of 100 marks and a personal interview of 100 marks. Candidates who have passed their Bachelors Degree in any faculty from the University of Mumbai or any other University recognised by the University of Mumbai and those who have submitted the application forms of the Department of Communication and Journalism along with the statement of purpose and the two testimonials mentioned above, shall be eligible to appear for this examination.The Written test : The student shall be given four questions/Statements to debate and discuss. Broadly the questions shall cover local, national, international issues and ideas. There will be a question on creative writing. There will be a word limit put to every question. The student, in this test, is being assessed for originality and quality of content (20 marks), Language and grammar (10 marks), articulation (10 marks), historical context (20 marks), word management – whether the student stays within the world limit (20 marks) and conclusion (20 marks). The Group Discussion : Students shall be given a subject to discuss and debate. The students are being assessed for language (25 marks), presentation (25 marks), articulation (25 marks) and content (25). The Interview : Each student will be given three minutes to present herself/himself and clearly state her/his purpose and motivation of doing the course. The student is to present orally. No, electronic devices such as laptops are allowed. The student can present in English, Hindi or Marathi. The student is being assessed for language (25 marks), presentation (25 marks), clarity of purpose (25 Marks) and overall impression (25 marks). The candidate taking the examination will have to score and aggregate 150 marks in the three test to qualify for admission to the course.Admission to the course shall be decided by merit in marks obtained in this examination. All rules of reservation apply.For students other than University of Mumbai, the admission to course is provisional subject to the student producing an eligibility certificate within the first month from the beginning of the course.


Eligibility Requirement

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the course leading to the degree of Master of Arts (Communication and Journalism) must have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor from any discipline of this University or Bachelor degree of another University recognized as equivalent thereto.

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