Master of Arts in Psychology [M.A.]


Eligibility Requirement

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the course leading to the degree of Master of Arts must have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (three year integrated course) of this University or the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Old that is four year course) of this University or a degree of another University recognized as equivalent thereto.Provided, however, that applications of graduates of this University in the faculties other than the faculty of Arts, or those who have passed the equivalent examination of another recognized University seeking admission to the M.A. degree course by papers, will be considered by the Academic Council on the merits of each individual case on the recommendation of the Head of the University Department concerned/Chairman of the Board of Studies concerned in the subject in which there is no University Department/Principal of a college where the Post-Graduate Centre is granted, and in the case of a student seeking admission to the course by research, on the recommendation of the Chairmen of the Committee of recognized Teachers in the subject concerned before recommending such applications, the following procedure shall be followed:-A written test consisting of 2 papers as under shall be administered in the subject in which the student desires to register for his M.A. degree.An essay paper in the subject,A paper to test the student’s general acquaintance with the subject The change of Faculty Test required to be given by the students has been waived in case of students who desire to register with the Directorate of Distance Education.N.B. : Candidates shall be given a list of books for period reading before they are examined.


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