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Master of Arts in Political Science [M.A.]

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CourseMaster of Arts in Political Science  
LevelMaster/Post Graduate
Length2 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Political Theory 1 (from 2012)
Indian Government and Politics 1 (from 2012)
City in the Global Perspective (from 2012)
Conflict and Peace Studies (from 2013)
Environment Conservation and Development in India (from 2012)
Foreign Policy of India (from 2012)
Geopolitics in World Affairs (from 2012)
Human Rights in the Global Context (from 2013)
Indian Administration (from 2012)
International Law (from 2012)
International Law, Refugees and Forcibly Displaced Persons (from 2012)
Language Policy and Language Politics in India (from 2013)
Security in International Relations (from 2013)
Social and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi (from 2012)
State and Regional Security in Central Asia (from 2013)
State Politics in India (from 2012)
The United Nations (from 2012)
Urban Politics in the Age of Globalization (from 2012)
Women and Political Representation (from 2012)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Public Administration (from 2012)
International Relations 1 (from 2012)
Administration of Common Property Resources (from 2012)
Civil Society and Democracy (from 2012)
Dalit Movement in India (from 2012)
Democracy and Media (from 2013)
Democracy, Pluralism and Citizenship (from 2013)
Development Discourse (from 2012)
Electronic Governance (from 2012)
Ethics, Public Administration and Public Policy (from 2013)
International Humanitarian Law (from 2013)
International Political Economy (from 2012)
International Relations in Indian Ocean Region (from 2012)
Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (from 2012)
Issues in Rural Governance in India (from 2012)
Political Sociology in India (from 2012)
Political Thought in Modern India (from 2012)
Politics of Regional and Sub-Regional Development in Maharashtra (from 2012)
Rural Governance in Comparative Perspective (from 2013)
South Asia (from 2012)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Political Theory 2 (from 2013)
Comparative Politics (from 2013)
Approaches and Theories of International Relations (from 2013)
Contemporary Marxist Theory (from 2013)
Development and Public Policy (With Special Reference to India) (from 2013)
Forced Migration Studies (from 2013)
Foreign Policy of China (from 2013)
Introduction to Methods in Research (from 2013)
New Public Management (from 2013)
Political Economy of India (from 2013)
Political Thought in Maharashtra (from 2013)
Political Thought of Dr. Ambedkar (from 2013)
Regionalism in International Relations (from 2013)
South East Asia (from 2013)
State, Civil Society and Market (from 2013)
Strategic Studies (from 2013)
Urban Governance in Maharashtra (from 2013)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
International Relations 2 (from 2013)
Indian Government and Politics 2 (from 2013)
Public Policy (from 2013)
Cyber Politics (from 2013)
Feminist Political Theory (from 2013)
Foreign Policy of Russia (from 2013)
Foreign Policy of the United States of America (from 2013)
Internal Security in India (from 2013)
Meeting the Challenges of Mega Cities : Study of Mumba (from 2013)
New Politics of Identity (from 2013)
Police Administration and Criminal Justice System (from 2013)
Political Ideologies (from 2013)
Public Financial Management (from 2013)
Public Policy in India (from 2013)
Social Movements in India (from 2013)
Theories of State (from 2013)
Urban Governance (from 2013)
West Asian Studies (from 2013)

Eligibility Requirement

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the course leading to the degree of Master of Arts must have passed the examination for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (three year integrated course) of this University or the degree of Bachelor of Arts (Old that is four year course) of this University or a degree of another University recognized as equivalent thereto.Provided, however, that applications of graduates of this University in the faculties other than the faculty of Arts, or those who have passed the equivalent examination of another recognized University seeking admission to the M.A. degree course by papers, will be considered by the Academic Council on the merits of each individual case on the recommendation of the Head of the University Department concerned/Chairman of the Board of Studies concerned in the subject in which there is no University Department/Principal of a college where the Post-Graduate Centre is granted, and in the case of a student seeking admission to the course by research, on the recommendation of the Chairmen of the Committee of recognized Teachers in the subject concerned before recommending such applications, the following procedure shall be followed:-A written test consisting of 2 papers as under shall be administered in the subject in which the student desires to register for his M.A. degree.An essay paper in the subject,A paper to test the student’s general acquaintance with the subject The change of Faculty Test required to be given by the students has been waived in case of students who desire to register with the Directorate of Distance Education.N.B. : Candidates shall be given a list of books for period reading before they are examined.

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