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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology [B.Sc.]

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CourseBachelor of Science in Information Technology  
Length3 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Professional Communication Skills (from 2011)
Practical 1 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 1) (from 2011)
Applied Mathematics 1 (from 2011)
Practical 2 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 1) (from 2011)
Practical 3 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 1) (from 2011)
Electronics and Communication Technology (from 2011)
Practical 4 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 1) (from 2011)
Introduction to C++ Programming (from 2011)
Practical 5 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 1) (from 2011)
Fundamentals of Information Technology (from 2011)
Introduction to Information Theory and Applications
Mathematics 1
Imperative Programming (from 2016)
Communication Skills (from 2016)
Digital Electronics (from 2016)
Operating Systems
Discrete Mathematics (from 2016)
Other subjects
 Digital Computer Fundamentals (till 2010)
 Introduction Programming C (till 2010)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Web Designing and Programming (from 2011)
Practical 1 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 2) (from 2011)
Applied Mathematics 2 (from 2011)
Practical 2 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 2) (from 2011)
Microprocessor and Microcontrollers (from 2011)
Practical 3 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 2) (from 2011)
Database Management Systems (from 2011)
Practical 4 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 2) (from 2011)
Data Communication and Networking Standards (from 2011)
Practical 5 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 2) (from 2011)
Mathematics 2
Professional Skill Development
Computer Graphics
Web Programming (from 2016)
Green Computing (from 2016)
Microprocessor Architecture (from 2016)
Object Oriented Programming (from 2016)
Numerical and Statistical Methods (from 2016)
Other subjects
 Electronics and Telecommunication (till 2010)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Logic and Discrete Mathematics (from 2012)
Practical 1 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 3) (from 2012)
Computer Graphics (from 2012)
Practical 2 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 3) (from 2012)
Advanced SQL (from 2012)
Practical 3 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 3) (from 2012)
Object Oriented Programming with C++ (from 2012)
Practical 4 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 3) (from 2012)
Modern Operating Systems (from 2012)
Practical 5 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 3) (from 2012)
Computational Mathematics
Computer Networks
Logic Discrete Mathematical Structures
Object Oriented Programming
System Programming UNIX
Data Structures (from 2016)
Applied Mathematics (from 2016)
Database Management Systems (from 2016)
Python Programming (from 2016)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Software Engineering (from 2012)
Practical 1 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 4) (from 2012)
Multimedia (from 2012)
Practical 2 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 4) (from 2012)
Java and Data Structures (from 2012)
Practical 3 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 4) (from 2012)
Quantitative Techniques (from 2012)
Practical 4 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 4) (from 2012)
Embedded Systems (from 2012)
Practical 5 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 4) (from 2012)
C++ and Java
Database Concepts and System
Core Java (from 2016)
Computer Graphics and Animation (from 2016)
Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques (from 2016)
Other subjects
 Operating Systems (till 2011)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Network Security (from 2012)
Practical 1 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 5) (from 2012)
Asp.Net with C# (from 2012)
Practical 2 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 5) (from 2012)
Software Testing (from 2012)
Practical 3 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 5) (from 2012)
Advanced Java (from 2012)
Practical 4 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 5) (from 2012)
Linux Administration (from 2012)
Practical 5 (B.Sc.I.T) (Sem. 5) (from 2012)
Other subjects
 Visual Basic 6 (till 2011)
 SQL 2 (till 2011)
 Internet Security (till 2011)
 Business Process Reengineering (till 2011)
 Geographic Information Systems (till 2011)
 Embedded Systems and Programming (till 2011)
 Web Design and Internet Based Applications (till 2011)
 Advanced Java (till 2011)
 Multimedia (till 2011)
 Management Information Systems (MIS) (till 2011)
 Entreprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP Systems) (till 2011)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Internet Technology
Project Management (from 2012)
Data Warehousing (from 2012)
Internet Technology Practical (B.Sc.I.T)
Project Management Case Studies Practical (B.Sc.I.T) (from 2012)
Data Warehousing Practical (B.Sc.I.T)
Project Report (from 2012)
Project Viva Voice (from 2012)
IPR and Cyber Laws (from 2012)
Digital Signal and Systems (from 2012)
Geographic Information Systems (from 2012)
IPR and Cyber Laws Case Studies Practical (B.Sc.I.T) (from 2012)
Digital Signal and Systems Practical (B.Sc.I.T) (from 2012)
Geographic Information Systems Practical (B.Sc.I.T) (from 2012)
Other subjects
 C # (till 2011)
 Customer Relations Management (CRM) (till 2011)
 Strategic IT Management (till 2011)
 Project Management (till 2011)
 I.T Laws and Patents (till 2011)
 Total Supply Chain Management (till 2011)

Eligibility Requirement

(a) A candidate for being eligible for admission to the degree course of Bachelor of Science-Information Technology, shall have passed XII standard examination of the Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or it’s equivalent with Mathematic and Statistics as one of the subject and should have secured not less than 45% marks in aggregate for open category and 40% marks in aggregate in case of Reserved category candidates.

(b) Candidate who have passed Diploma (Three years after S.S.C.–Xth Std.) in Information Technology/ Computer Technology/ Computer Engineering/Computer Science/ Electrical, Electronics and Video Engineering and Allied Branches/Mechanical and Allied Branches/ Civil and Allied branches are eligible for direct admission to the Second Year of the B.Sc. (I.T.) degree course. However, the Diploma should be recognized by the Board of Technical Education or any other recognized Government Body. Minimum marks required 45% aggregate for open category candidates and 40% aggregate for reserved category candidates.OR

Candidates with post HSC-Diploma in Information Technology/Computer Technology/ Computer Engineering/ Computer Science/ and Allied branches will be eligible for direct admission to the Second Year of B.Sc. (I.T.). However, the Diploma should be recognized by the Board of Technical Education or any other recognized Government Body Minimum Marks required 45% aggregate for open categorycandidates and 40% aggregate for reserved category candidates

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