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Bachelor of Education [B.Ed.]

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CourseBachelor of Education  
Length1 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Philosophical Foundation of Education (from 2011)
Psychology of the Learner (from 2011)
Educational Evaluation (from 2011)
Special Methods- English Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Urdu Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Marathi Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Hindi Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Sanskrit Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- History Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Geography Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Economics Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Commerce Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Science Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Mathematics Method (from 2013)
Special Methods- Gujarati Method (from 2013)
Other subjects
 Information and Communication Technology in Education (from 2011 to 2012)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Sociological Foundation of Education (from 2011)
Educational Management (from 2011)
Psychology of the Learning (from 2011)
ICT in Education (from 2013)
Special Fields- Action Research (from 2011)
Special Fields- Computers in Education (from 2011)
Special Fields- Education for Rural Development (from 2011)
Special Fields- Environmental Education (from 2011)
Special Fields- Guidance and Counselling (from 2011)
Special Fields- Inclusive Education (from 2011)
Special Methods- English Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Urdu Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Marathi Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Hindi Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Sanskrit Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- History Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Geography Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Economics Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Commerce Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Science Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Mathematics Method (from 2011)
Special Methods- Gujarati Method (from 2011)
Special Fields Global Education (from 2013)
Other subjects
 Special Fields- International Education (from 2011 to 2012)

Eligibility Requirement

A Candidate for the admission to degree of Education (B.Ed.) must fulfil the eligibility criteria as per the directives of Government to Maharashtra from time to time . In addition must have subsequent to his passing the Bachelor’s degree examination:Kept-two consecutive semesters for the full time B.Ed. course spread over a maximum period of six consecutive semesters from the date of admission in a College of Education.Completed practicum extending over two semesters to the Attendance at Demonstration lessons Teaching practice of not less than 10 lessons per4 compulsory micro teaching lessons and one integrated (bridge) lesson6 simulated lessons (4 simulated lessons from Role-play, Games, Models of Teaching, Creative teaching etc and 2 simulated lessons in Computer Assisted presentation mode). Candidates who are eligible to teach 11th and 12th may be permitted to opt for special Methods up to standard XII.satisfaction of the Principal of the institution in which the candidate is studying consisting of :-semester distributed over different standards from V to XII of recognized Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools/Colleges selected by the Principal as practising School/College. In addition to these 20 lessons, there will be : Observation of minimum 30 Lessons.( 10 in each An internship of six working days preferably in the second semester.Unit planning, preparation of unit test, administration of unit test, scoring and Marking in any one of the Special Method.A class test per course.An Essay per course.One Open Book Assignment in any one of the theory course.method and 10 for other methods i. Participation in Seminar/Paper presentation in any one of the theory course.A research based Project Work conducted on any topic in Education.Participation in Social Service/Community Work of not less than 20 hours.Content Tests with minimum 40% marks in each of the special method.

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