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Bachelor of Education in Hearing Impairment [B.Ed.]

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CourseBachelor of Education in Hearing Impairment  
Length1 years full time

Subjects and Resources

 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Nature and Needs of Various Disabilities An Introduction (from 2011)
Facilitating Development of Language and Communication Skills in Children with Hearing Impairment (from 2011)
Aural Rehabilitation (from 2011)
Subject Teaching (from 2011)
Classroom Observation in Special School (Practical) (from 2011)
Aural Rehabilitation (Practical) (from 2011)
 Syllabus Video Tutorials Question Papers Question Answers Books
Compulsory subjects
Education : A Global Perspective (from 2011)
Educational Psychology and Persons with Disabilities (from 2011)
Educational Planning and Management, Curriculum Designing and Research (from 2011)
Introduction to Speech and Speech Teaching to the Children with Hearing Impairment (from 2011)
Lesson Planning and Execution in Special Schools (Practical) (from 2011)
Skill Development in Sign Language and Signed System (Practical) (from 2011)
Individualized Teaching Lessons (Practical) (from 2011)
Speech Teaching (Practical) (from 2011)
Educational Psychology (Practical) (from 2011)

Eligibility Requirement

A candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Education (Hearing Impairment) must have passed a Bachelor’s degree examination of this University in any faculty or a corresponding degree examination of any other University recognized as equivalent thereto and in addition must have subsequent to his/her passing the Bachelor’s degree examination :Kept two consecutive terms, for the full time B.Ed. (H.I.) course.Completed practicum extending over 2 terms to the satisfaction of the Principal/Head of the Institution in which the candidate is studying.

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