Bachelor of Education [B.Ed.]


Eligibility Requirement

a. A candidate, who has p assed the Bachelor ’s Degree/Master Degree of this University or any other University recognized as equivalent there to shall be eligible for admission to the course, provided he/she has secured at least 50% of the marks in the theory part. In the case of SC/ST students this percentage of marks shall be at least 45% as per Government Rules. b. Provisional admission of candidates shall be given based on the cri- teria and the guidelines issued by the university or recognised Ad- mission Committee and Government in this respect from time to time c. The reservations will be given as per the policy and guidelines pre- scribed by University and government, subject to revision by the uni- versity from time to time. d. At the final stage of admission student- teachers must submit an undertaking regarding regular attendance and practical work.

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