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Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics

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Eligibility Requirement

A: Minimum percentage is 45% or B grade for students who have the following degrees: B.Sc.Foods and Nutrition, B.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition, B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics/Nutrition and Dietetics, B.Sc Public Health and Nutrition, B.Sc Food Science and Quality Control, B.Sc. Applied Nutrition, B.Sc Food Technology

B . Minimum percentage is 50% or B grade for students with a degree in Pure Sciences: B.Sc.Life Sciences, B.Sc. Biochemistry, B.Sc Biotechnology, B.Sc. Physiology, B.Sc Microbiology, B.Sc Zoology, B.Sc.Molecular Biology, B.Sc Chemistry, B.Sc Food Technology, Clinical Research, Clinical and Laboratory Sciences.

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