Master of Science in Electronics [M.Sc.]

Admission Information

The admission to the M.Sc. Electronics course is by entrance examination. 50% of the marks scored in the entrance examination and 50 % of the marks scored in the final year examination are added to prepare the mer it list and admissions are given on the basis of merit and following the University rules of admission. The admission will be by round and the information regarding entr ance examination result and the round of admission will be put up on the Shivaji Un iversity website


Eligibility Requirement

Any person who has taken the degree of B.Sc. of this University or the degree of any other statutory University recognized as equ ivalent, and has kept four semester terms in the University as a postgraduate student be admitted to the examinations for the degree of Master of Science in any of these subjects mentioned in R.M. Sc. No.3.


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