Course in Weekend Family Managed Business Administration Program

Admission Information

Selection is through interviews by a panel of expert faculty and one past student. At the interview, an applicant is required to submit a letter from the head of his/her family business, sponsoring the applicant and certifying his/her actual involvement in the family business. All selected applicants have to submit a LETTER OF COMMITMENT (Draft will be supplied) on their firm’s letterheads, jointly signed by the applicants and the heads of their Family Businesses.


Eligibility Requirement

A Graduate Degree from a recognized University or a Post-HSC three- year Diploma in any discipline from a recognized Institute/University Actual involvement in one’s family business. Preference to those with longer post education business experience. Good communication skill An intense desire to educate oneself and readiness to work hard Total commitment by way of regular attendance, active classroom participation and completion of assignments and projects on time

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