Doctor of Medicine in Medical Surgical Nursing [Ph.D.]


Eligibility Requirement

(a) A candidate may be registered for doing research leading to Ph.D. Degree of any of the Faculties of the University, subject to the conditions mentioned below: -
(i) He/She should hold M.Sc. or two years Diploma or Degree in the subject of Human Health Sciences. In exceptional cases the Centre for Advance Studies with consultation of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor can allow the candidate for Ph.D. registration even when he/she has no P.G. qualification.
Persons working in National laboratories- institutes/Government/private organization nominated/sponsored by the respective employer. These persons should be holding rank of the Asstt. Director/or above.
The persons from faculties like Medicine, Dental, Ayurved, Homoeopathy and Allied Sciences having passed Graduate Degree and have got at least 15 years professional experience.
(ii) The candidates may apply for Ph. D. degree registration. For admission to the Ph.D. programme in a subject in any faculty, applicants fulfilling the following criteria shall be treated as eligible:
Persons having passed Post Graduate Degree Examination with at least 50% marks or having grade equivalent there to awarded by the concerned University. The Registration of such persons shall be confirmed on the recommendation of the Centre for Advance Studies.

(iii) Application for research in inter-disciplinary areas and from applicants belonging to a faculty or subject other than faculty or subject in which the research is proposed to be done and from the International students (those who have not obtained the degree from Indian University) shall be considered on the basis of the proven ability and aptitude of the researcher for such kind of research. The admission will be confirmed after the Centre for Advance Studies concerned approves the topic.
(iv) Topic should be approved by Departmental research committee and ethical committee of College where research is to be undertaken.
(v) Once the University has confirmed registration of the student for the particular topic no change in the topic shall be allowed without prior permission of Centre for Advance Studies.

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