Ph.D.(TECH.) and Integrated Ph.D.(TECH) in Chemical Engineering


Eligibility Requirement

i. The candidate, applying for the Integrated Ph.D. (Tech.) programme, must have a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering/ Chemical Technology/ Pharmacy with more than 65% marks or equivalent GPA (60% marks or equivalent GPA for candidates from reserved category) of ICT or from any accredited or AICTE recognized Engineering and Technology Institute. A valid GATE/GPAT is mandatory i. The registration of the candidate of integrated Ph.D. (Tech.) shall be initially for Master’s degree in the same discipline until he/she completes the Course work. ii. The candidates will have to complete the course work of Master’s degree in the same discipline with a minimum GPA of 7.0 before change of registration to Ph.D. (Tech.) degree. Since the programme has an objective of developing best human resources in Research, it is essential that the selection of the candidates is done with utmost care. They are also emphasized about successful completion of the course work. iii. The candidate may be permitted to carry the credits of equivalent course, work of at least two semesters, if it is completed in IITs/NIT/HBNI, or any other reputed Government/ AICTE recognized Institution that has signed an MoU with ICT for transfer of credits, provided as the course work is certified by the competent authority of that Institution. Such candidates may be exempted from taking the respective course work required for the Ph.D. (Tech.) programme. These candidates should be encouraged to take 4 audit courses related to their own research topic. iv. Only after the successful completion of the course work and one year of research the candidate’s registration will be changed to Ph.D. (Tech.). The certificate for completion of course work will be mandatory for this. v. The Registration and review of progress of these candidates will follow the same procedures as for other Ph.D. (Tech.) candidates registered in the Institute. vi. Any candidate who completes the course work as specified above and completes minimum of 1 year of Research project will be awarded the Master’s degree in respective discipline, if he/she wishes to discontinue further research or fails to acquire requisite GPA of 7.0 in Master’s programme. vii. Candidate having poor performance in the Master’s course work (as given above) will not be registered for Ph.D. (Tech.) degree and may be allowed to submit a thesis on the basis of one year of research work to get Master’s degree. viii. On successful completion of the entire programme the candidate will be awarded both the degrees, respective Master’s and Ph.D. (Tech.) (Dual Degree) at the end of the programme.
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