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Volume of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder - Conept of Cylinder

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(iii)The Volume of a Cylinder:
A cylindrical shape as said earlier is a built-up of a rectangle with the same size. With the help of two circular bases, we can build a cylinder. Now, for finding the volume of this shape we take the consideration of a 3D counterpart of a rectangle, the cuboid. Using the formula of the volume of a cuboid, we can chart out the volume of any cylindrically shaped container.

We already know that the volume of the cuboid is the product of the area of a rectangle with height; l × b × h.
The same is the situation with a 3D cylindrical container. Here we take the product of the base area and height, to get the volume.
So, the volume of a cylindrical container = Area of circular base × height = `πr^2 × h`.
Therefore,The Volume of a Cylinder = `πr^2 h`.

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