Unbeatable Super Mom - Mary Kom

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Read the following passage and do the activities.

A1. Fill in the blanks:

Mary Korn is an ______ personality. (inspire/inspirational) ______ has been a neglected area in Indian sports. (nutrients/nutrition) ______ played a role in shaping the boxing scene in India. (OCQ/OGQ) Mary Korn gained weight by eating ______. (saturated fat/healthy food)

Interviewer: India managed just 6 medals in the 2012 Olympics even though we are a nation of 1.3 billion people. Where do you think a change is required to help us win medals that are proportionate with our population?
Mary Kom: I think more and more people should take up sports as a full-time career if we want more gold medals. More corporates should come in and sponsor players so that the players don't have any financial pressure and can just focus on their games.
Interviewer: Do you think interest in boxing in India will ever go beyond the Olympics?
Mary Kom: Yes, I am sure that in a few years boxing will be very popular among everyone in India, all year round.
Interviewer: How aware are Indian women of their nutritional requirements? Diet and nutrition must've been key factor in your conditioning for the Olympics. Do you think nutrition is a neglected area in Indian sports?
Mary Kom: The awareness is growing now among female athletes when it comes to nutritional requirements. Nutrition has definitely been a neglected area in Indian sports. I had to gain 3 kg since I had to fight in the 51 kg event instead of the usual 48 kg that I fight in. So, I had to focus on what to eat. I gained weight by eating the right kind of healthy food rather than bad saturated fats.
Interviewer: How big a role did OGQ play in shaping the boxing scene in India for the better?
Mary Kom: OGQ really played an important part in my success. They helped me out whenever I needed something. They took care of everything, which helped me focus on my boxing and kept me stress-free.

A2. Choose the correct alternative.

  1. How many Olympic medals did India win in 2012?
    1. 16
    2. 60
    3. 66
    4. 6
  2. Which one of these is an unhealthy food constituent according to the passage?
    1. Unsaturated fats
    2. Saturated fats
    3. Proteins
    4. Vitamin C

A3. Complete the given table:

Noun Adjective
Female ______
______ Successful
Achievement ______
______ Favourable

A4. Do as directed:

  1. Write the antonyms of the following from the text.
    1. Ignorance
    2. Rare
  2. Write the synonyms of the following from the text.
    1. Company
    2. Unattended

A5. Do you think sports can be a successful career? Why or why not?

             There had to be one successful story if Indians were to survive in sports
and we have that story now. Enough has been said about this great warrior
who conquered the world. This warrior is none other than Mary Mangte Komthe
Komqueror and the Komrade. She is famed as a five times World Boxing
Champion and the only boxer to win a medal in every one of the six world
championships. In the 2012 Olympics, she became the first Indian woman boxer
to qualify and win a bronze medal in the 51 Kg flyweight category of Boxing.

              Kom was born in Kangthei village, Moirang Lamkhai in Churachandpur
district of rural Manipur in eastern India. She came from a poor family. Her
parents, Mangte Tonpa Kom and Mangte Akham Kom were tenant farmers who
worked in jhum fields. Kom grew up in humble surroundings, helping her parents
with farm related chores, going to school and learning athletics initially and later
boxing simultaneously. Her father was a keen wrestler in his younger age.

             She had an eager interest in athletics since childhood and the success of
Dingko Singh a fellow Manipuri returned from the 1998 Bangkok Asian games
with a gold medal, Kom recollects had inspired many youngsters in Manipur to
try boxing and she too thought of giving it a try.

         Mary Kom’s career started in 2000 after her victory in the Manipur State
women’s boxing championship and the regional championship in West Bengal.
In 2001, she started competing at international level. She was only 18 years
old when she made her international debut at the first AIBA Women’s World
Boxing Championship in United States, winning a silver medal in the 48 kg
weight category. Her greatness is reinforced by the way she apoligized to the
whole nation for not being able to win the Gold. She is a legend for sure and
an idol for all the sportswomen to look up to.

(B1) Name the following.
According to the writer the great warrior who conquered the world -
(ii) The State in which Mary Kom was born -
(iii) The kind of farming in which Mary’s parents were working as tenant
farmers -
(iv) The sportsman who inspired many youngsters in Manipur -

(B2) Complete the following.

(B3) Find out antonyms for the following from the passage.
(a) failure × (b) defeat ×
(c) weakened × (d) wealthy ×

(i) She is a legend for sure and an idol for all sportswomen to look up to. (Use ‘Not only……….. but also’)
(ii) In the 2012 Olympics, Mary became the first Indian woman boxer to qualify
and win a bronze medal. (Use ‘As well as’)

(B5) What qualities do you think are required to become a good sportsman ?

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