Types of Utility

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Types of Utility : 

Following are some of the different types of utility:

1) Form utility :

When utility is created due to a change in the shape or structure of an existing material, it is called form utility. For example, toys made of clay, furniture from wood etc.

2) Place utility :

When utility of a commodity increases due to a change in its place, it is
called place utilities. For example, woollen clothes have more utility at cold places than at warm places. Transport creates place utility.

3) Service utility :

Service utility arises when personal services are rendered by various
professionals. For example, services of doctors, teachers, lawyers etc.

4) Knowledge utility :

When a consumer acquires knowledge about a particular product, it is called knowledge uitility. For example, utility of a mobile phone or a computer increases when a person knows about its various functions.

5) Possession utility :

Possession utility arises when the ownership of goods is transferred from one person to another. For example, transfer of goods from the sellers to the

6) Time utility :

When the utility of a commodity increases with a change in its time of utilization, it is called time utility. For example, a student has more utility for
text books during examinations than in the vacations. Time utility is also observed when goods are stored and used at the time of scarcity. For example, Blood bank.

For better understanding:

Type of Utility Form Utility Place utility  Service utility Knowledge utility Possession utility Time utility
Key Feature

Processed/final goods.

Change in existing material.

Change in place increases Utility. Services rendered create Utility. Acquiring knowledge about the product creates utility. Transfer in the ownership of goods creates utility. Change in the time of Utilisation creates Utility.

cake made of raw ingredients, dress made of material,Toys made of clay, furniture made of wood etc.

Wollen Clothes at cold places, crops from farms to market places, apples from Kashmir exported to different parts of the country etc. Teachers, Lawyers, Domestic Helpers,Police officers, Firefighters etc. knowing to play a game on the Playstation, knowing the functions of a laptop and mobile phone, knowing to Install the television etc. sellers to the
Blood bank,  crackers during Diwali, cold drinks during summer season.
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