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Topographical Survey

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  • Interpretation of colour tints and conventional symbols used on a topographical survey of India map.
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Answer the following questions on the Survey Sheet Number 45 D/10. Eastings 00 to 10; Northings 17 to 28. (Map G)

(a) Give four-figure grid references of the following:
(i) Dhad Talao (ii) Sheet rock in the North-east
(iii) Rock outcrop in the North (iv) Stony waste in the South-east
(v) Open scrub south of Dhad Talao

(b) Give the six-figure grid references of the following:
(i) Police Chowki in village Dantral
(ii) Temple in Bhamra village
(iii) Well with water in settlement Devka
(iv) Spot height 310 near village Jolpur
(v) Tank near Indaria settlement

(c) Give-the direction of the following:
(i) Village Dantral (0324) from Dhann (0723)
(ii) Village Bhamra (0521) from Dhann (0723)
(iii) Village Jolpur (0718) from Malawa (0519)
(iv) Village Warka (0716) from Bikanwas (0316)
(v) Village Rampura (0617) from Dhann (0723)

(d) Give the meanings of the following:
(i) 15r in blue in grid square 0224.
(ii) 300 in brown in grid square 0426.
(iii) Black line in the northernmost part of the map.
(iv) Red line in grid square 0819.
(v) Black dots in grid square 0617.

(e) Give the settlement patterns of the following:
(i) Village Dhann (ii) In grid square 0220

(f) Measure the distances of the following:
(i) Direct distance in km. from Indaria (0826) to Jolpur (0718)
(ii) Indirect distance in km. along the cart track from Dantral (0324) to Dhann (0723)

(g) Give the drainage patterns of the following:
(i) 0827 (ii) In grid square 0226

(h) Name three man-made features found in grid square 0419 and draw their symbols.

(i) Give two evidences that the region gets seasonal rainfall.

(j) Explain the nature of the river.

(k) Explain the relief of the area.

(l) What is the general slope of the land? Give reason for your answer.

(m) What is the main occupation of the people? Give reason for your answer.

(n) What is the mode of irrigation? Give reasons for your answer.

(o) What is the mode of transport? Give reasons for your answer.

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