Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationHSC Science Class 11th

The Flower

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  • Flower
  • Whorls of flower - Complete and Incomplete
  • Flower sex 
    1) Perfect or bisexual
    2) Imperfect or unisexual: Staminate and Pistillate flowers
  • Plant sex
    1) Hermaphroditic
    2) Monoecious
    3) Dioecious
    4) Polygamous
  • Flower symmetry
    1) Actinomorphic (or) radial or polysymmetric
    2) Zygomorphic (bilateral symmetry) or monosymmetric
    3) Asymmetric (amorphic)
  • Types of Flower
    1) Types of flower depending upon the number of floral appendages
    i) Trimerous
    ii) Tetramerous
    iii) Pentamerous
    2) Types of flowers depending on presence of bracts
    i) Bracteate
    ii) Ebracteate
    3) Types of flower based on the position of calyx, corolla and androecium in respect of the ovary on thalamus
    i) Hypogynous
    ii) Perigynous
    iii) Epigynous
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