Terminology in Cricket

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Maiden over, Hat trick, Extra, Dead rubber, Seam bowling, Over, No ball, Bouncer, Sight screen, Bump ball, Danger area, Power play, Overthrow, Declaration, Appeal, Bodyline Bowling, Dot ball, Substitute, Dead ball, Ball-tampering, Century, Follow-on, Golden duck, Nick, Nightwatchman, Tailender, Pull shot, Innings defeat, Cover drive, Innings, Straight drive, Sweep shot, Hook shot, Reverse sweep, Uppercut, Late cut, Leg glance, Pull shot, Flick shot, Beamer, Off cutter, Leg cutter, Short pitch, Full-length delivery, Reverse swing, Different types of signals, extra runs, extra players, runner, substitute, provisions and restrictions, players equipment, danger area, various terms of cricket.

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