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This poem by JAN NIGRO tells us about how we all have one common goal and instead of us trying individually if we put our minds together it makes the journey a lot easier for everyone teamwork is important and it helps you in your life a lot 

Stanza by stanza explanation 

1st stanza 

Teamwork, teamwork,
together we can make our dream work.
Then we'll share the joy of what we've done, Teamwork, everyone! 

In the first stanza, it is said that if we all work together and put our minds together then it becomes a lot easier to achieve whatever we have to and that we get to celebrate the joy of that particular achievement all together. 

2nd stanza

It's fun to shoot the basketball through the hoop,
but if nobody passes then nobody shoots.
And the relay race just can't go on, 
if nobody wants to pass the baton.

In the second stanza, the poet has expressed his feelings about teamwork using the example of basketball and a relay race like in basketball if you want to score you can't unless someone passes the ball to you and in a relay race you can't start running unless your teammate passes the baton to you 

3rd stanza 

We're the parts that make up the whole,
and we've got our eyes on a common goal. Sometimes it can be a big plus,
when a you or a me becomes an us!  

In the 3rd stanza, the poet is saying that instead of us doing our own thing if you or me become us what a huge difference it can make and it makes it so much easier to establish what you wanted to.

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