Tea from Assam

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Reference to Context

“Hey, a tea garden!” Rajvir cried excitedly.
Pranjol, who had been born and brought up on a plantation, didn’t share Rajvir’s excitement.
“Oh, this is tea country now,” he said. “Assam has the largest concentration of plantations in the world.
You will see enough gardens to last you a lifetime!”
“I have been reading as much as I could about tea,” Rajvir said. “No one really knows who discovered tea but there are many legends.”

(Glimpses of India)

i. Why was Pranjol not as excited as Rajvir about the tea gardens?  (1)

  1. He disliked looking at tea gardens.
  2. He had worked in tea gardens himself.
  3. He had grown up in and around tea gardens.
  4. He was bored with tea gardens.

ii. What does Pranjol mean by saying that Assam has the largest concentration of plantations in the world?  (1)

iii. Fill in the blank with one word only.  (1)

Pranjol’s ______ comes through clearly when he exclaims, “You will see enough gardens to last you a lifetime!”

iv. How according to Rajvir does the world know about the discovery of tea?  (1)

  1. Historical places
  2. Traditional tales
  3. Authentic anecdotes
  4. Popular publications

v. Select the option that correctly captures the application of the word ‘cried’ as used in line 1 of the extract.  (1)

  1. Jaspreet cried a lot in spite of winning second place in a competition.
  2. Jaspreet cried out loud when she saw a white tiger in the sanctuary.
  3. Jaspreet cried for hours when the police were unable to find her lost pet.
  4. Jaspreet has barely cried since she was three years of age.
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