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Solar Energy

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Energy from Sun’s radiations is known as solar energy. There is enormous amount of solar energy obtained everyday and being in India, we are lucky to receive solar energy for greater part of the year. Devices like solar cookers, solar water heaters etc. are used to obtain energy from sun for various purposes. But these devices can be used at times when there is sunlight outside.

To overcome this limitation, solar cells are used to convert solar energy into electricity.

There some advantages and some disadvantages of using solar energy. Some of these you can see here –

Advantages of solar cells:

-The solar cells convert solar radiation directly into electricity.

-cost effective in remote and inaccessible areas where cost of installation of other modes of energy (power transmission line) is very high.

-have no movable parts and hence they don’t need any maintenance.

Disadvantages of solar cells:

-A single cell does not produce enough energy for practical uses.

-The initial cost of installation of solar cells is very high.


  • Solar Energy
  • Production of electricity from solar energy
  • Solar photovoltaic cell
  • Application of solar energy
  • Solar Thermal power plant
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