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Separating the Components of a Mixture - Separate Cream from Milk

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Now-a-days, we get full-cream, toned and double-toned varieties of milk packed in polypacks or tetra packs in the market. These varieties of milk contain different amounts of fat.

Activity : 

• Take some full-cream milk in a test tube.
• Centrifuge it by using a centrifuging machine for two minutes. If a centrifuging machine is not available in the school, you can do this activity at home by using a milk churner, used in the kitchen.
• If you have a milk dairy nearby, visit it and ask (i) how they separate cream from milk and (ii) how they make cheese (paneer) from milk.
• What do you observe on churning the milk?
• Explain how the separation of cream  from milk takes place.

Sometimes the solid particles in a liquid are very small and pass through a filter paper. For such particles the filtration technique cannot be used for separation.

Applications : 

• Used in diagnostic laboratories for blood and urine tests.
• Used in dairies and home to separate butter from cream.
• Used in washing machines to squeeze out water from wet clothes. | Separate cream from milk and oil from water

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