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Separating the Components of a Mixture - Is the Dye in Black Ink a Single Colour

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Is the dye in black ink a single colour?

No, the dye in black ink is not a single colour. We can justify this statement by performing the process of chromatography.
In this process the solutions are separated of the coloured substances. It is mostly used in the forensic labs. It is used to separate small amounts of products only.
When the strip of black ink dye is put in the chromatography tool, the different colours of dyes can be seen on the strip

Separation of dyes in black ink using chromatography:

The ink that we use has water as the solvent and the dye is soluble in it. As the water rises on the filter paper it takes along with it the dye particles. Usually, a dye is a mixture of two or more colours. The coloured component that is more soluble in water, rises faster and in this way the colours get separated.

This process of separation of components of a mixture is known as chromatography. Kroma in Greek means colour. This technique was first used for separation of colours, so this name was given. Chromatography is the technique used for separation of those solutes that dissolve in the same solvent.

Applications : 

To separate
• colours in a dye
• pigments from natural colours
• drugs from blood.

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