Rules of the Volleyball Game

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  • Playing Area: Diagram of the Play Area with Measurements and Specifications; Diagram of Net, Antenna and Posts with measurements and specifications
  • Ball: Shape, Material, Weight, Circumference, Air Pressure
  • Composition of teams:
  • Players equipment and forbidden objects
  • Team Leaders: Responsibility of Captain, Coach and Assistant coach
  • Playing Format: To score a point, To win a set, To win the match
  • Structure of Play: The Toss, Official warm-up session, Team starting line-up, Positions and Positional fault, Rotation and Rotation fault
  • States of Play: Ball in play, Ball out of play, Ball "IN", Ball "OUT"
  • Playing the ball: Team Hits, Characteristics of the hit, Faults in playing the ball, Ball at the net, Ball crossing the net, Ball touching the net, Ball in the net.
  • Player at the net: Reaching beyond the net, Penetration under the net, Contact with the net, Player's faults at the net
  • Service: First service in a set, Service order, Authorization of the service, Execution of the service, Screening, Faults made during service, Serving faults and Positional faults
  • Attack hit: Characteristics, Restrictions, Faults
  • Block: Blocking, Block contact, Blocking within the opponent's space, Block and team hits, Blocking the service, Blocking faults
  • Interruptions, Delays and Intervals: Interruptions (meaning); Number of regular game interruptions; Sequence of regular game interruptions; Request for regular game interruptions;
  • Time-outs and Technical time-outs
  • Exceptional game interruptions: Injury/illness, External interference, Prolonged interruptions
  • Substitution: Limitation, Exceptional, Expulsion/disqualification, Illegal, Procedure, Improper request
  • Game delays: Types of delays, Delay sanctions Intervals and change of court
  • Libero player: Designation of the Libero, Equipment, Actions involving the libero, Redesignation of a new libero
  • Participants' conduct: Sportsmanlike conduct, Fair play
  • Misconduct and its sanctions: Minor misconduct, Misconduct leading to sanction, Sanction scale,
  • Cards used: Warning (Verbal and Yellow card); Penalty (Red card); Expulsion (Red plus Yellow card jointly); Disqualification (Red plus Yellow card separately)
  • Referees: Composition, Procedures, Location, Authority and Responsibilities of First referee, Second referee, Scorer, Assistant scorer, Line judges.
  • Duties of the officials, table officials, referees, requirements of the game, equipment needed, numbers of players, reserve bench, duty of coach, captain, etc.
  • Laws governing the game. Suspensions, penalisations, arrangements needed to conduct tournaments, default by teams.
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