Rules of the Hockey Game

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  • Field of play: Diagram of the Field with Measurements and Specifications
  • Composition of teams: Number of Players, Substitution rule for Field players and Goalkeepers
  • Captains: Identity and Responsibility
  • Players’ clothing and equipment: Uniform and equipment of Field Players, Goalkeepers
  • Match and result: Duration of the match and half time, Result of the match
  • Start and re-start of the match: Procedure of Start (centre pass) and Re-start (Bully, Free hit, Second half)
  • Ball outside the field: Procedure to re-start from different areas, sideline, backline, after every goal
  • Method of scoring
  • Conduct of play: Players, Goalkeepers and Players with Goalkeeping Privileges; Umpires (Responsibilities of Umpires).
  • Penalties and procedures for taking penalties:
  • Awarding: Free Hit, Penalty Corner and Penalty Stroke; Procedures: Free hit, Penalty corner, Penalty stroke.
  • Personal Penalties: Cautions (Verbal warning);
  • Temporary suspension: Green Card - 2 minutes suspension, Yellow Card- 5 minutes suspension; Permanent suspension (Red Card).
  • Detailed understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. Match time, extra time, tiebreaker, sudden death, ball in play and out of play, penalty stroke, short corner, long corner, free hits, hit or push back, 16 yards hit, the importance of lines on the field. Start and restart of the match.
  • Knowledge of the dimensions and diagrams of the field and goalpost, the thickness of the lines, dimensions, and complete specifications and markings on it. Equipment of the game with their length, width, weight, thickness, material and dimensions. Protective equipment of the goalkeeper and players.
  • Duties of the officials, requirements of the game, equipment needed, numbers of players, reserve bench, running substitution duty of coach, captain, assistant referees, ball boys, doctor, groundsmen.
  • Laws governing the game. Suspensions, penalizations, arrangements needed to conduct tournaments, punishment on players, coaches.
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