Rules of the Badminton Game

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  • Court: Diagram of the court with Measurements and Specifications, Court equipment (Posts and Net)
  • Shuttle: Dimensions and Specifications, Testing a shuttle for speed
  • Racket: Diagram of the racket with Measurements and Specifications
  • Toss: Procedure Scoring system
  • Change of ends Service: Singles (serving and receiving courts);
  • Doubles: Serving and receiving courts, Order of play and position on the court, Scoring and serving, Sequence of serving Service court errors Lets Shuttle, not in play Continuous play, Misconduct, and Penalties
  • Officials duties and appeals: Referee, Umpire, Service judge, Line judges
  • Detailed understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. Match time, extra time, tie, shuttle in play and out of play, the importance of lines on the court, singles, and doubles.
  • Knowledge of the dimensions and diagram of the court, the thickness of the lines. Equipment required for the game with their length, width weight, thickness, material, and dimensions.
  • Duties of the officials, requirements of the game, equipment needed, number of players, the duty of the coach, match organizers.
  • Laws governing the game. Suspensions, penalizations, arrangements needed to conduct tournaments, punishment on players, coaches, match points, etc.
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