Rules and Regulations of Basketball Game

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  • Court: Diagram of the court with Dimensions and Specifications, Meaning of Court areas, lines, circle, semi-circle, position of the scorer's table and substitution chairs.
  • Equipment needed to conduct the game Teams: Definition, Rules, Players uniform Injured players
  • Captain and Coaches: Duties and powers Duration of Play Playing time, Tied score and Extra periods
  • Status of the ball: Ball Live, Ball Dead
  • Jump ball and Alternating possession: Jump ball: Definition, Procedure and Situations; Alternating possession: Definition and Procedure
  • How the ball is played: Definition and Rule
  • Control of Ball: Definition, Team Control: Continues and Ends
  • Goal: When made and its value, Definition, Rule of scoring
  • Throw-in, time-out, substitution: Definition, Rules and procedures.
  • Game Lost by Forfeit, default, violation: Rules and Penalty
  • Player out of bounce and Ball Out of Bounds: Definition and Rule
  • Dribbling: Definition, a dribble starts, a dribble ends, rule for dribbling
  • Travelling: Definition, Pivot
  • Closely Guarded Player: Definition and Rule 3 Seconds rule, 8 Seconds rule, 24 Seconds rule and procedure
  • Ball returned to backcourt: Definition, Rule and Penalty
  • Goaltending and Interference: Definition and rule; Meaning and penalty of Interference; Penalty for The Respective Violations
  • Fouls – Definition; Personal Foul, Double Foul - Definition and Penalty; Technical Foul: Rules of conduct, Violence, Definition and Penalty; Unsportsmanlike Foul, Disqualifying foul - Definition and Penalty
  • Fighting - Definition, Rule and Penalty; Penalty for the respective Fouls; Five fouls by a player;
  • Team fouls: Definition and Rule.
  • Contact: General principles: Cylinder principle, Principle of verticality, Legal guarding position, Guarding a player who controls the ball, Guarding a player who does not control the ball, A player who is in the air, Screening (Legal and Illegal), Charging, Blocking, No charge semi-circle areas, Contacting an opponent with the hand(s) or arm(s), Holding, Pushing
  • Free Throws - Definition, Rule and Penalty
  • Duties and Powers of: Officials, Table officials and Commissioner; Referee; Scorer and Assistant Scorer; Timer; Short clock operator
  • Laws governing the game. Suspensions, penalisations, arrangements needed to conduct tournaments.
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