Reproduction in Organisms



  • Definition and Meaning of Reproduction: 
  • Purpose of Reproduction
  • Basic Features of Reproduction: 
  • Factors Responsible for Reproduction



Reproduction is a biological process in which an organism gives rise to young offspring which are biologically comparable as itself. It is essential for the continuation of the line of succession. It's an important feature of life. There is a cycle of birth, growth and death.


Purpose of Reproduction: 

  1. Continuity of Species: Reproduction maintains the continuity of species. 
  2. Population Organisation: Reproduction maintains the population of the young, adult and aged persons. 
  3. Variations: Reproduction introduces variations in the organisms. Useful variations are essential for adaptations and evolution. 
  4. Life: Life exists on earth due to reproduction in organisms. 


Basic Features of Reproduction: 

All modes of reproduction have some common basic features. 
These are as follows: 

  1. Synthesis of RNA, proteins and other biochemicals 
  2. Replication of DNA 
  3. Cell divi­sion (only mitotic, or both mitotic and meiotic). 
  4. Growth of cells 
  5. Formation of reproductive units 
  6. Formation of new individuals from reproductive units


Factors responsible for different organisms to reproduce differently: 

There is a large diversity in the biological world and each organism has evolved its own mechanism to multiply and produce offspring. The organism’s habitat, its internal physiology and several other factors are collectively responsible for how it reproduces.

  1. Body structure (level of organisation).
  2. Habitat
  3. Resources available
  4. Time of the year
  5. Weather and climate
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