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Representation of Images Formed by Spherical Mirrors Using Ray Diagrams - Concave Mirror

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Image formation by Concave Mirror
Uses of concave mirrors


Uses of Concave Mirror:

  • As reflector in electric torch, head lights of vehicle, search light, etc. The source of light is put at the focus of the reflector, which produces a strong parallel beam of light, which helps in clear visibility.
  • As shaving mirror to produce larger image of face to facilitate better viewing during shaving.
  • Concave mirror is used by dentists to see larger image of teeth of the patient. When a tooth is placed between focus and pole, the concave mirror produces a magnified image of the tooth.
  • As reflector in solar furnace. By using concave mirror in solar furnace the concentrated rays of sunlight is obtained at focus which produces enormous amount of heat because of concentration.
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