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Reading of Pie Diagram

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The following example illustrates how a pie chart gives information at a glance. 120 students of standard 10 were asked
which game they like. The information obtained is shown in the adjacent pie diagram. Answers to the question as-
'Which game is liked the most'
'What percentage of students like kho-kho?'
'What percentage of students like kabaddi?'

can be obtained from the pie diagram at a glance. Observe one more pie diagram.

Figure 2 shows the annual financial planning of a school. From the pie diagram we see that 


  • 45% of the amount is reserved for educational equipment.
  • 35% of the amount is shown for games.
  • 10% of the amount is kept for sanitation.
  • 10% of the amount is reserved for environment.


In this way, we get information at a glance from a pie diagram.
Let us have more information about a pie diagram.
Many times we find information of different types in newspapers given in the form of pie diagrams. For example, the annual budget, performance of different nations in olympic games, etc.
Now we shall see, by examples, how to interpret the information from a pie diagram.

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