Protection Using Firewall

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  • Firewall
  • Types of Firewall
    1) Network Firewall
    2) Host-based Firewall
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MakeInIndia Corporation, a Uttarakhand-based IT training company, is planning to set up training centres in various cities in the next 2 years. Their first campus is coming up in the Kashipur district. At the Kashipur campus, they are planning to have 3 different blocks for App development, Web designing, and Movie editing. Each block has a number of computers, which are required to be connected to a network for communication, data, and resource sharing. As a network consultant of this company, you have to suggest the best network-related solutions for the issues/problems raised in questions keeping in mind the distances between various blocks/locations and other given parameters.

Distance between various blocks/locations:

Block Distance
App development to Web Designing 28 m
App development to Movie Editing 55 m
Web designing to Movie Editing 32 m
Kashipur Campus to Mussoorie Campus 232 km

Number of computers

Block Number of Computers
App development 75
Web Designing 50
Movie editing 80
  1. Suggest the most appropriate block/location to house the SERVER in the Kashipur campus (out of the 3 blocks) to get the best and most effective connectivity. Justify your answer.
  2. Suggest a device/software be installed in the Kashipur Campus to take care of data security.
  3. Suggest the best-wired medium and draw the cable layout (Block to Block) to economically connect various blocks within the Kashipur Campus.
  4. Suggest the placement of the following devices with appropriate reasons:
    a. Switch/Hub
    b. Repeater
  5. Suggest a protocol that shall be needed to provide a Video Conferencing solution between Kashipur Campus and Mussoorie Campus.
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