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Parts of Flower

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  • Parts of a flower
    1) Pedicel
    2) Thalamus/Receptacle
    3) Floral whorls
  1. Accessory organs
    1) Arrangement of whorls
    (i) Cyclic or whorled
    (ii) Acyclic or spiral
    (iii) Spirocyclic or hemicyclic
    2) Calyx
    (i) Fusion - Aposepalous and Synsepalous
    (ii) Duration of floral parts - Caducous or fugacious calyx, Deciduous, Persistant, Accrescent
    (iii) Shapes of calyx 
    3) Corolla 
    (i) Fusion: Apopetalous (polypetalous) and Sympetalous (gamopetalous)
    4) Perianth 
    5) Aestivation
  2. Essential Parts of Flower
    1) Androecium - Stamen, Filament, Anther, Connective
    2) Gynoecium - Placentation
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