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Other Factors Affecting Secondary Economic Activities

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  1. Split location
  2. Economies of scale or agglomeration
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Read the following passage and answer the question given below

Iron and steel production started from the 18th century. About 50 to 60 countries are engaged in iron and steel production. Some of these countries are leading and account for about 80% of world production. These countries are United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Brazil, India, China, Taiwan etc.

The industries in which machinery is manufactured are known as 'engineering industries'. The engineering industry is involved in the manufacture of heavy and bulky machinery, such as railways, aircraft, shipbuilding, clocks, bicycles and other small items. These industries depend on iron and steel industries. These industries are mainly set up in economically developed areas. As railway locomotives are set up along the coast, shipbuilding industries are set up mainly along the coast. The textile and sugar manufacturing industries are attracting markets. But recently the approach of the machine industry has shifted from place to place, attracting more and more urban areas. The engineering industry is understood as the secret of the nation's development.

The availability of skilled labor, raw materials like basic iron and steel, modern and technologically advanced regions and other factors play a vital role in the localization of the engineering industry.

  1. Which countries are leading in iron and steel production? 
  2. Which industries are mainly set up in economically developed areas?
  3. The engineering industry includes the machinery required for the manufacture of which goods?
  4. What factors play an important role in the localization of the engineering industry?
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