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Nutrition - Organisms Obtain Their Nutrition

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Nutrition in Amoeba

  • Amoeba is a unicellular animal which follows the holozoic mode of nutrition.

  • In holozoic nutrition, the digestion of food follows after the ingestion of food. Thus, digestion takes place inside the body of the organism.

  • Holozoic nutrition happens in five steps, viz. ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and egestion.

Steps of Holozoic Nutrition:

  • Ingestion: The process of taking in the food is called ingestion.

  • Digestion: The process of breaking complex food substances into simple molecules is called digestion. Simple molecules, thus obtained, can be absorbed by the body.

  • Absorption: The process of absorption of digested food is called absorption.

  • Assimilation: The process of utilization of digested food, for energy and for growth and repair is called assimilation.

  • Egestion: The process of removing undigested food from the body is called egestion

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