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Read the following passage carefully and complete the activities.

Occasional self-medication has always been part of normal living. The making and selling of drugs has a long history and is closely linked, like the medical practice itself, with belief in magic. Only during the last hundred years or so, the development of scientific techniques made, diagnosis possible. The doctor is now able to follow up on the correct diagnosis of many illnesses with specific treatment of their causes. In many other illnesses of which the causes remain unknown, he is still limited, as the unqualified prescriber, to the treatment of symptoms. The doctor is trained to decide when to treat symptoms only and when to attack the cause. This is the essential difference between medical prescribing and self-medication.
The advancement in technology has brought about much progress in some fields of medicine, including the development of scientific drug therapy. In many countries, public health organization is improving and people’s nutritional standards have risen. Parallel with such beneficial trends are two which have an adverse effect. One is the use of high-pressure advertising by the pharmaceutical industry which has tended to influence both patients and doctors and has led to the overuse of drugs generally. The other is the emergence of eating, insufficient sleep, excessive smoking, and drinking. People with disorders arising from faulty habits such as these, as well as from unhappy human relationships, often resort to self-medication and so add the taking of pharmaceuticals to the list. Advertisers go to great lengths to catch this market.
Clever advertising, aimed at chronic sufferers who will try anything because doctors have not been able to cure them, can induce such faith in preparation, particularly if cheaply priced, that it will produce-by suggestion-a very real effect in some people. Advertisements are also aimed at people suffering from mild complaints such as simple cold and coughs which clear up by themselves within a short time.
These are the main reasons why laxatives, indigestion-remedies, painkillers, cough-mixtures, tonics, vitamin and iron tablets, nose drops, ointments and many other preparations are found in quantity in many households. It is doubtful whether taking these things ever improves a person’s health, it may even make it worse. Worse, because the preparation may contain unsuitable ingredients; worse because the taker may become dependent on them; worse because they might be taken
excess; worse because they may cause poisoning, and worst of all because symptoms of some serious underlying cause may be asked and therefore medical help may not be sought. Self-diagnosis is a greater danger than self-medication.

Complete the following points with the help of the above text. (Give a suitable title.)




Read the following extract and complete the notes given below :

Think of the special occasions in life when excess body weight becomes a huge liability and a quicker solution is the need for those situations when one wants to lose weight faster but does not want to undergo a surgery. The emerging solution to such worries is ESG, the latest innovation in the field. Team mohak is adept in handling this novel non-surgical procedure and is already ahead in India.

A non-surgical endoscopic procedure to reduce weight, it needs no incisions. The entire procedure takes place through the mouth using an endoscopic suturing system. It reduces the stomach to one-fourth in size limits the amount of calories absorbed and prolongs the time food remains in the stomach, extending the feeling of fullness.

Since ESG is not a surgery, it causes no incisions or scars, facilitating faster recovery and healing. ESG reduces the size of the stomach as with a surgical sleeve gastrectomy but does not involve the removal of any portions of the stomach. This is a key difference.

Actual weight loss will vary based on starting weight, motivation level and adherence to our dietary recommendations. Current studies suggest a total body weight loss of up to 20%.

Absolutely a large number of patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea, etc. are leading a disease-free life, once they have achieved the desired weight loss after undergoing ESG procedure at Mohak- the ESG leader in India.

Title - ESG - A non-surgical weight loss solution

(1) Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) ____________ procedure takes place through the mouth using an endoscopic suturing system.

(2) ESG-different from normal weight loss.
ESG reduces the __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(3) Actual weight loss :

Actual weight loss ___________________
Current study suggests _____________

(4) ESG is helpful in resolving other obesity-linked diseases.

A large number of patients suffering from ________ leading a disease-free life once they achieve the desired weight loss.

Read the following extract carefully and make the notes with the help of the clues given below:  (4)

Naturally occurring platinum and platinum - rich alloys have been known for a long time. The Spaniards named the metal ‘platina’ or little silver, when they first encountered it in Colombia. The platinum group metals are rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium and platinum. Of these, platinum is the most important. These metals are very similar in many ways and are extremely rare.
On an average, there is only a gramme of ruthenium in each tonne of the rock and barely a gramme of rhodium in over a 1000 tonnes of rock! Platinum’s wear and tarnish resistance characteristics are well suited for making fine jewellery. Other distinctive properties include - resistance to chemical attack, excellent high temperature characteristics and stable electrical properties. These metals are uniquely durable and can be used extremely efficiently - meaning that a very little goes a very long way. When recycled, over 96 percent can be recovered. The platinum group metals - or PGMS - plays an important role in our everyday life, for they are used in so many things from fountain pens to aircraft turbines. In fact, one in four of the goods manufactured today either contain one or the other of these metals. The catalytic converter - a pollution control device - is the largest application of platinum group metals. 
Que. Title: Platinum Group of Metals. 
First encountered: ___________ in Columbia.
Platinum group metals include: iridium and ______________
Nature: Similar in many ways, extremely rare.
Availability: _____________barely a gramme of rhodium _ _________________
Distinctive Properties:
resistant to chemical attack
durable, long lasting
Platinum group metals used in :



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