Department of Pre-University Education, KarnatakaPUC Karnataka Science Class 11

Neuron (Or Nerve Cell) and Its Types - Neuron as Structural and Functional Unit of Neural System

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  • Neuron consists of three parts: Cell body, axon and dendrites
  • Structure of the neuron
    1) Cell body (Cyton)
    2) Axon - Neuron-muscular junction, synaptic knob, neurotransmitters
    ⇒ Types of axons:
    a) Myelinated nerve fibres: Schwann cells, Nodes of Ranvier
    b) Non-myelinated nerve fibres
    3) Dendrites
  • Types based on the number of axons and dendrites
    (i) Unipolar
    (ii) Bipolar
    (iii) Multipolar
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