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Network Topologies and Types - Bus, Star, Tree, PAN, LAN, WAN, MAN

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Ayurveda Training Educational Institute is setting up its centre in Hyderabad with four specialised departments for Orthopedics, Neurology and Pediatrics along with an administrative office in separate buildings. The physical distance between these department buildings and the number of computers to be installed in these departments and administrative office are given as follows.

Shortest distance between various locations in meters:

Administrative Office to Orthopedics Unit 55
Neurology Unit to Administrative Office 30
Orthopedics Units to Neurology Unit 70
Pediatrics Unit to Neurology Unit 50
Pediatrics Unit to Administrative Office 40
Pediatrics Unit to Orthopedics Unit 110

Number of Computers installed at various locations are as follows

Pediatrics Unit 40
Administrative Office 140
Neurology 50
Orthopedics Unit 80

1) Suggest the most suitable location to install the main server of this institution to get efficient connectivity.

2) Suggest the best cable layout for effective network connectivity of the building having server with all the other buildings.

3) Suggest the devices to be installed in each of these building for connecting computers installed within the building out of the following

  • Gateway
  • Modem
  • Switch

4) Suggest the topology of the network and network cable for efficiently connecting each computer installed in each of the building out of the following:

Topologies: Bus Topology, Star Topology

Network Cable: Single Pair Telephone Cable, Coaxial Cable, Ethernet Cable

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